Insurance Surveys

Insurance companies hire independent experts to represent them, avoiding a network of nonspecialized surveyors distributed throughout their area of operation.

This allows a significant reduction of operational costs and the employment of specialized professionals in the different cases.

Court surveys

In Spain, the Official College of Naval Architects and Oceanic Engineers (COIN) is the official body responsible for preparing lists of experts by specialty to different national courts.

These lists are made with the registered profesionals that wish to participate and are of national scope.


Investigation of possible causes of accidents

The determination of the causes of a damage or loss is a very complex research task, since many factors have different relevance. Professional background and experience are the key attributes to understand the temporal and causal development of facts, which allows establishing responsibilities and competencies.


Thermography, ultrasound and advanced non-destructive examination

With current technology, structures can be studied non-destructively and establish the presence and extent of hidden defects.

These technologies allow the study of large areas as opposed to point analysis that can not detect a flaw if it is between two measurement points.

The combination of different technologies in the same case study allows the disambiguation and precise location and severity of a flaw.


Temperature in flexible exhaust hose

Water leakage detection

Ultrasound Inspection

Laboratory analysis

Laboratory analytics of the fluids of an engine or machinery give an accurate idea of ​​their condition, maintenance and failures. The presence of external contaminants is easily detected, which helps establish the origin of machinery failure.