Recreational, passenger and working vessels design

The design of a vessel is an iterative process in which take part the shipowner with his requirements and preferences, the current regulations that guarantee the compliance to the applicable standards and the naval architect, that taking into account all these requirements, proposes the most appropriate solutions to obtain a viable and efficient product.

50 passenger tourist vessel

MARPOL Vessel (Under construction)

Project Management

The project management guarantees that the construction is carried out according to the project, with the materials and procedures established in the documents and giving solution to the small problems that arise during the construction.


The modifications are those actions that correct defects of construction or design, adapt the boat to a new owner or to the latest developments in the technique. The modifications may alter the suitability of the boat for the original purpose, alter its adequacy to the regulation invalidating the certification or change the safety characteristics of the vessel.










Cradle for 80’ sailing boat. (10 Beaufort)

Design of detachable wintering cradles

When vessels are not in use, for example during the winter season or outside the sailing season, it is advisable to stay out of the water to avoid possible damage by adverse weather conditions or deterioration due to corrosion or moisture penetration in composite laminates. During this period, the boat should rest on a suitably cradle designed to withstand the stresses and transmit loads without harming the hull.