Finite element analysis (FEA) of new or existing structures

The calculation by the method of finite elements, allows to analyze the behavior of complex structures as a whole, since the various components interact with each other with their actual shape and dimensioning.


Transom deformation by drive thrust

Transom deformation by drive thrust

Verification of safety factors

It is the most complete and reliable method to predict the behavior of a structure in terms of deformation and maximum working stresses, allowing the different materials to be assigned with their fiber directions and local reinforcements and to calculate the safety coefficients with respect to the maximum loads and stability to buckling.


Areas of maximum stress and tension concentration

The graphical representation associated to FEA allows the designer a fast and easy determination of critical areas, where tensions are maximum or where tension concentration takes place.

This helps the design process allowing the placement of local reinforcements where they are needed and to orientate fibers in the most efficient way.



Stress induced by backstay


Stress induced by garage door