Stability Calculations

We perform stability calculations according to the code of different organizations and regulations. (MCA, IMO, RCD and different flags).


Stability curves of 30m sailing yacht. (MCA)

3D point cloud

3D Scaning for shape definition

The 3D scan is used to make point clouds on which sections and cuts can be made to obtain a threedimensional model of an existing vessel.


In order to carry out the stability, buoyancy, etc. calculations, it is necessary to have a three dimensional model of the vessel. When the original drawings are lost or degraded, they must be made from reality. This process is also known as reverse engineering.


Documentation of on-board systems

The correct operation and maintenance of electrical, fuel, hydraulic, water, bilge and fire systems, etc. implies an in-depth knowledge of the personnel on board of these systems. This knowledge is only obtained when the technical documentation in the form of plans and user manuals is clear and available.

When vessels change owners or make modifications over the years, these documents are outdated or lost and must be re-done


Bollard pull test and towing calculations

Bollard pull test are performed to verify that a propulsion installations comply with that specified by the designer or builder of a vessel or the towing capacity of a tug. Towing calculations are a legal requirement before towing a floating structure or vessel, and establish the minimum requirements of the tug, the necessary equipment and the weather conditions to carry out the towing operation.


Ocean towing of a cargo ship